The Valley of No Regrets

The healing allure of 9 CORNERS actually began in 1890 with the family who built our charming Victorian house. The Hamilton family was living in Kansas raising three daughters. The youngest daughter contracted pneumonia and almost died. Understanding her chances of long-term survival were slim, Mr. Hamilton was distraught. One day, while reading the newspaper Mr. Hamilton came across an ad headline that read, “Move to the Valley of No Regrets; Ideal for People with Weak Lungs”.

Today we know the Valley of No Regrets as Novato; situated in the coastal-fresh air of Northern California. For the health of his daughter, Mr. Hamilton left Kansas and caravanned his family west to Novato where he built the lovely Victorian that houses 9 CORNERS today. The intention of health and healing went into every hinge, board and nail in the building of the house to save the life of one child. His daughter lived well into her 80’s. Mr. Hamilton would be pleased that his commitment to health and healing over 120 years ago lives strong today for the life of one and the many.