Vita Life

Randy Gibson L.Ac., M.A., M.S. Medical Director

Randy Gibson L.Ac., M.A., M.S. Medical Director

"Never trust a man who does not have his health." - Confucius

"Contained within each disease, pain, deficiency, cancer is also the answer to its cessation." - Chinese Proverb

Vitality and health are earned by those who set goals and establish a lifestyle incorporating decisions that lead to both achieving those goals while adapting to their ever-changing bodies.

9 CORNERS customizes Vital Life plans that ease pain, quell disease and strengthens core vitality. The Vital Life program is ideal for simple and complex conditions and people of all ages. Vitality gives you the power of continuance in your life!

Vital Life in 3 Simple Steps:

(1)    Comprehensive Intake Session
First we conduct a Comprehensive Intake Session (via phone, email or visit) to determine your goals, lifestyle preferences, medical history and current state of health. For those wanting a precise, baseline, state-of-health (are you and your body on the same page?) lab tests can be recommended but are certainly not required (lab tests are billed separately).

(2)    Ask the Experts
Next we present your case to the 9 CORNER'S expert group of doctors and practitioners during our Case Conference sessions. This is a dynamic process given the diversity of cultures and experience. Look forward to gaining insight into your body, heart-mind and spirit as the team collaborates their knowledge of Oriental Medicine, Feldenkrais®, Skan, Chiropractic, Cognitive Behavior therapy, Nutrition, St. John's Neuromuscular Release, Myofascial work (a few of the medicinal modalities). Count on the richness of information to shape your opportunities for living a full life of energy and vitality.

(3)    Vital Life Plan
Then we deliver an individualized Vital Life Plan that includes your unique:

East-West Diagnosis
Primary Element (earth, fire, metal, water, air)
Vitality (chi) Boosters and Obstructers
Nutrition Plan
Movement Portfolio
Supplement Recommendations
Lifestyle Recommendations
Lab Result Interpretations (if you have lab tests results)

Rate: $450

The Vital Life Plan delivers lamp-light value that is lifelong. Participants report an "awakening", "transformation", "contentment", "seeing the world with new possibilities". Many people go through Vital Life each year and others give the gift of Vital Life certificates for birthdays, new parents, anniversaries.

Vital Life spaces are limited. Reservations are required. Call today: 415. 209. 9600 x222 or email